Our Latest Projects

We’re proud to have served brands in SaaS, engineering, science, technology and finance to grow their online presence, increase inbound leads and land new and exciting projects. See some of our recent projects here…

Approved Group International are a leading forensic investigations firm in Asia who want to show off their charismatic brand personality and wider mission; helping business owners to protect their life’s work.

We’ve been working with Approved Group International’s CMO, Roshiv, since December 2021, helping him to define and build his personal brand on LinkedIn and build a community from it.

Our authentic and engaging posts, moulded from Roshiv’s own thoughts, opinions and experiences captivate his online audience by sharing the faces and stories behind the business, aligning with current events, industry news and company updates.


We’ve helped Roshiv to build a targeted audience and convert them into inbound leads through a series of interactive webinar events and follow-ups, with profitable partnerships arising as a direct result of our efforts. We then helped him to further engage his brand’s audience with a series of paid webinars which resulted in capturing of over 200 relevant leads and a new revenue stream.

“Customer first, that’s what every company’s ethos should be. And level-up have taken that to a whole new level. Creative, friendly, and very customer focused. Look no further for your digital marketing partner. This is it.”

 – Roshiv Sheth, CMO of Approved Group International

Alker Fibre Optics wanted to move away from the telecommunications industry and show the endless applications for fibre optics. We’re helping them to do just that…

We’re working with Alker Fibre Optics Specialists to open up the world of fibre optics, shining a light on the endless applications and developments they bring to a host of industries.

With engaging and thought-provoking content we’ve helped Alker to show their credibility and expertise to their audience, allowing them to reach new audiences with targeted content topics and daily outreach.


We’ve helped them to find their audience and transform a stream of product promotion into an insight into the future of fibre optics and their wider applications, opening up conversations from a range of potential new clients, partners and industry pros.

We also targeted existing contacts of Alker’s to re-engage previous clients and helped them to capture a lead that resulted in a year’s revenue from one project.

NVOY Technologies are a highly technical MSP provider who needed help to engage their audiences with innovative. thought provoking content that was in no way ‘boring and techy’

We’ve worked closely with NVOY Technologies since May of 2021, refining and growing their brand’s online presence.

Our various social media campaigns have helped them to expand their audience reach, gain genuine audience insights and inform their growth direction. We have helped them to establish their brand identity and creative direction, and regularly produce detailed, technical articles that both engage and inform their prospective audience.


Upon successfully building NVOY’s online audience, we began to convert them from passive consumers to active engagers, with promotion and lead capture for their new networking events series through social media, email marketing and lead follow ups. This has helped them to extend their brand presence in London, reach new audiences, share knowledge within the industry and increase inbound leads.

“The NVOY Technologies team highly recommend Veritas Marketing for their digital and community marketing expertise. Their agility and knowledge has helped us to grow our online community in a way that reflects our growth as a company and mirrors our current objectives and projects.

They have helped us to build our online presence, promote hiring and events, and assist with our new website creation and development. The team helpful and easy to work with, providing a high-level of customer services and fast turnaround on projects and requests.”

– Steve Wilde, Founder & CEO of NVOY Technologies

Fuse are shaking up the Hospitality Industry with their slick all-in-once e-commerce system which promotes seamless brand extensions and effortlessly builds consumer loyalty. We helped them to make their mark.

Fuse is the versatile e-commerce solution for the best hospitality brands. In just 5 months, we helped them reach new audiences and grow their online community with thought-leadership, promotional and community-driven content shown in slick, beautiful graphics across their Instagram and LinkedIn channels.


We helped Fuse to define their voice and connect with industry professionals, investors and movers and shakers. We also helped them to develop their website blog which acts as a sales tool and conversation starter to begin converting interested browsers in loyalty community members.

“We’ve seen a positive increase in our brand awareness with Veritas, reaching more of our targeted audience. The team has helped to define our brand reputation online, and show our passion for tech, marketing, and the hospitality industry with a variety of content.”

– Naomi Davis, CMO of Fuse