Community is the new black.


Social media has been connecting people for over 25 years.

From donut lovers and Marmite haters to very specific Facebook groups, including one named ‘I will go slightly out of my way to step on a crunchy-looking leaf.’. …With over 2 million members.

Why is Community the end goal?

With a dedicated online community space, you can capture customer data, offer personalised deals/offers/updates, gain accurate audience insights, generate evergreen content, create an improved brand experience, and create a direct line to audience for comms.

Here’s the journey we’ll take you on:

Step 1

Build a Presence

3-6 months

We’ll build brand awareness for your brand through social media management and engagement – focussing on the most engageable content and content that allows people to get to know the brand better (inner workings, passions, team, projects, awards, thought leadership etc).

Step 2

Build Loyalty

6-9 months

We’ll then introduce more direct methods of reaching the audience once your presence is built – through initiatives such as a themed hashtag, email newsletter, or employee challenges – we’ll get your audience more actively consuming than via a passive scroll.

Step 3

Build Community

9 months – 1 year

Now for the game changer: Turning active consumption into active creation – allowing your audeince to get more involved. We’ll help you create a formal community through your website blog, forum, social groups, an owned or 3rd party platform – helping you to share knowledge, connect more with your audience and generate long-term relationships with your consumers.

As humans, we constantly seek connection and acceptance, and Veritas want to help you provide that platform to your perfect audience, connecting and engaging them with value-driven and eye-catching content that reflects your brand’s personality.

We help our STEM and SaaS clients to build engaged communities around their brands with a variety of digital marketing methods and tailored strategies, showing up to interact with your audience daily on your behalf.  We help you to utilise social media for it’s true purpose, injecting life and personality into your online presence and helping you to diversify your channels online and offline, expanding your sales funnel and generating inbound leads.

Onboarding process

With our very own client portal and software partners, we ensure we keep in communication with our clients without taking their attention away from their growing business. We ensure the onboarding and offboarding process is seamless and efficient, so we can get to growing your engaged online community as soon as possible. We won’t keep or hide your data from you and ensure it is accessible to you at any time, as well as providing regular progress updates and reports to keep you informed.

That way our clients can have as much control as they prefer.


We'll sit down with you and work out what your goals are, how best to achieve them and which services/channels would be best for you.



Our team will research your industry, target audience and competitors in order to better understand the brand and how to strategically grow your digital presence.

Brand Persona

We'll then analyse your brand and design its personality, creating a clear tone of voice, attributes and characteristics, to be presented in all content & copy.

Strategy Design

Using all of this, we'll create your bespoke strategy, which details how to utilise your chosen services and channels to reach your goals, with a timeline and progress benchmarks.


Watch as we bring your brand to life, designing your very own creative direction and assets, presenting a slick, seamless look across all channels


Then comes the fun bit: Go time!

We'll launch your new strategy, taking care of everything from content research, creation and distribution.


We'll continually monitor and report on your brand's progress, updating the strategy and optimising it to ensure the best results.

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