Our Story


Veritas (VĒ-ri-TĀS) has many similar meanings; the Greeks use it to mean authenticity, whilst in Latin it represents truth. The Roman Goddess Veritas is believed to be the personified spirit of truth and sincerity.

We’re helping growing brands in STEM and SaaS industries to build engaged online communities by telling their story and creating an authentic online presence.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to increase representation of STEM and SaaS brands in the online space, showing our clients and their audiences that these brands are anything but boring, and are in fact paving the way to a brighter, connected future.


We hope that by building engaged online communities for STEM and SaaS brands we’ll help our clients to encourage the next generation of young and female leaders to lean into their curiosity and grow into roles in these industries.

So far we’ve helped our clients generate £580,000 in revenue.

But as well as this, we’ve helped clients in engineering, forensics, IT, fibre optics and software development to attract quality candidates, win awards, gain PR features, secure funding and stay in touch with their users and audience.

I have always been a geek at heart; curious by nature and amazed by human psychology, science and technology. But growing up as a digital native, I didn’t see much representation from STEM brands online – more fashion brands and influencers, and big business gurus.


Because the brands focussed on gaining investors, R&D, Government support and business relationships weren’t targeting me. So I decided I’d drive the change I wanted to see. I decided I wanted to build an agency that helped these brands to show the World what they’re up to; to build communities online that not only grew their business in terms of relationships and revenue, but in awareness and audience sentiment. A brand community that would appeal to potential investors, customers and end-users, but also (and arguably most-importantly) potential employees.”

– Chloe Fox, Founder of Veritas Marketing

Our Team

With a combined experience of over 30 years within digital and social media marketing, our friendly and passionate team will work with you every step of the way.

Chloe Fox

Founder & Director
With a history of STEM study and an ever-present creative flare, Chloe combined her two loves for science and art through the creation of Veritas.


Account Manager
Having grown her own Disney inspired community on Instagram, Lidia uses her community management skills and creativity to help brands tell their story online.


Account Manager
Imogen entered the world of marketing in 2021 intrigued by the creative aspect of the career. As someone who has always loved art and grown up in an era of social media, digital marketing really stood out, and she soon found her feet.


Marketing Manager
Sharon joined Veritas after a lengthy career in the arts, bringing her creative mind with her. Her quick wit and insatiable desire to learn makes her an excellent copywriter for all tones and topics.


Marketing Manager
Having worked in marketing for over 10 years, Hannah has a thorough and varied knowledge of the field, which she uses to guide our clients through new channels and content types.

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